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​Northstarpix sells astrophotography & landscape photographs. NASA and Astronomy magazine have published some of our images. We are located in Harrisville, UT. Some of the images come from remote southwest desert hike-in only locations, where there is no water, to more accessible regions. The photographers are myself and my son.  About half of our images are from medium format film cameras. Digital equipment is also used. You will not receive totally layered & manipulated images. Photographic craft is our passion & pursuit. Our images are very interesting which you and others will surely enjoy. Arne Erisoty is a full time high school teacher and enjoys spending the summer months photographing. Prints are sold in different sizes. We offer 4"X6" (101mm X 152mm) up through 13"X19" (330mm X 482mm) photographs. Please contact us for prices and license agreements. All images are Copyright of Arne Erisoty 2006-2013. 
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