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Northstarpix.com is located in northern UT.  When skies are dark I'm out capturing images. Six months can pass before I'm satisfied with an image. One photo took two years of attempts before capturing it. Everything has to be correct like moon phases, air traffic, clear skies, low sky glow, no forest fires to mention some. In the winter months photo ideas are thought out, recorded then carefully planned out for the warmer months. We have found that to survive in the desert wearing heavy backpacks, water is your life-blood.  I remember on one particular photo shoot I drank 320 ounces ( 2.5 gallons / 9. 5 liters) of liquid in a ten hour hike just to arrive at the location. Filming planets, constellations, galaxies, nebulas or simply looking for a dark area to photograph the galactic darkhorse requires planning. Astrophotography is challenging but very rewarding. Like in the photo below, do you see the trail of Jupiter 'flaring'?  It's the Galilean moons orbiting. All photos are copyrighted. If you plan to display or print a photograph you must contact me for my written permission. For commercial use or with the intention of profiting or advertising, you may submit a usage request detailing the intended use, how many copies, how many runs, etc.  I will then quote a usage fee and in all cases, unless we explicitly agree otherwise, I will retain the copyright on all of the photographs.